Wiped out!

I am utterly exhausted! We had a VERY busy day today. I started the day off waking up at 6 am (i’ve become so uncomfortable while sleeping this late in pregnancy that I was thankful that I slept that late)! I remembered I had to go have blood work done before my next doctor appointment on Tuesday, so needless to say I was “lined up” outside of Labcorp at about 6:45 this morning waiting for them to open. Even being there that early, i was still about 15th in line…Afterwards i came home and you would think that a VERY pregnant lady like myself would crawl into bed and stay there; however my kids were already awake and my husband was only 1/2 awake so i had to get Angel dressed for soccer practice this morning. I also had to dress Ayden and feed them both breakfast. Soccer lasted from 9-10 and afterwards we ended up walking across the fields to watch the “peanut” division of football because it turned out our local football team was playing the Middle Twp. Panthers, which is the team from my hometown. We watched for about 20 minutes and then piled into our car, came home, and changed clothes to get ready for some much needed shopping(because it had went from about 55 degrees to nearly 70 degrees and we all needed some lighter clothing to wear).

Next we were off to the races…no not literally but it sure felt like it. We managed to hit 3 stores (Party city for Halloween costumes, Babies R us, and Kohls) and feed ourselves lunch all in less than 2 hours time! In addition to picking up some more baby clothes and a few needed accessories I think it’s safe to say too that we have picked out our new car seat for baby #3 and luckily it will match our ENORMOUS double stroller we will soon be dusting off and using again. Unfortunately no pics from today, but i promise to try and catch up on all that i have neglected over the past couple of months of not blogging so don’t worry there will be plenty of pictures in the future!


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