This has been another busy busy week for our family. First off, I turned the big 25 on Tuesday!! Nothing fancy this year, in fact hubby worked day shift, and I worked night shift so only saw eachother for about 10 minutes the entire day while we were switching the kids between shifts đŸ˜¦

Wednesday hubby worked day shift and I met up with him at work to switch the kids again because I had orientation at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission. Since we didn’t really do anything for my birthday on Tuesday, I came home later that evening to all three of my guys singing me happy birthday, with a beautiful bouquet of lillies and balloons!! Oooh and i forgot to mention that hubby got me a new pair of chocolate brown tall UGGS for my bday YAY!

Yesterday, we had a ton of errands to run including dropping our older car off at the mechanic to have some work done. We also braved the grocery store (with our two boys in tow) to stock up on some essentials for the wicked snow storm we are preparing for this weekend. And as usual every Thursday night we have a few friends over for dinner, so we did that as well!

This morning hubby had a dr. appointment, and we had to go pick up our car from the shop. Now finally we have nothing to do for the rest of the weekend, except to hope that hubby can make it home safely after work tonight!!


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