10 things

I was recently looking over a fellow friends blog, Heart, Courage & Brain, when I realized she had tagged me in a post to write down the 10 things that make me happy, YAY! There are still people who read along to my blog haha!

10 Things that make me happy (in no particular order):

10. My husband and two loving children, and watching how excited Ayden gets when his brother gets excited! I swear he’s like a carbon copy of his older brother 🙂

9. Keeping my house clean for an entire week, and staying on top of all the laundry we accumulate before it takes over our house!

8. Actually being able to watch Rachel Ray and the View in the morning while enjoying my coffee!

7. Having successful trips outside of our house with the boys (ie. a trip to the mall/restaurant without a public melt down!)

6. Driving in our new car, listening to country music with my sunroof open!!

5. Phone calls from friends to catch up

4. Thinking about the wonderful times I shared with my pop-pop, and knowing that he’s up there looking down at me and my family looking out for us!

3. Our loving and caring church family that in 1 year has made us feel like we have been there a lifetime, and who I know will do anything for us!

2. Watching how excited baby Angel gets for christmas, and santa!!

1. When Baby angel tells me “Mommy your my favoritest mommy everrrrrr!”

I will pass this along to Hayley Miller.


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