Today I had a playdate with a co-worker of mine and her 4 year old daughter. For those of you who are not at the parenting stage in your life just quite yet a “playdate” is basically getting a couple of kids together to play with eachother. We decided to meet at the mall in a little play area the mall put together with a soft floor, smaller slides, tunnels, and apparetuses for the children to play on. At first I wasn’t sure how it was going to go because we were meeting at 12:30 which is right in the middle of Ayden’s nap time, (so that worried me ALOT) but I was able to get him to take an earlier nap than usual today. As soon as we arrived Angel dove right in and began playing with not only my friends daughter but with all the little kids that were there, while Ayden (who is usually slow to warm up) took a few minutes to survey the area and what was happening before hopping out of his stroller and joining in the fun as well. After spending almost an hour or more in there we ventured into a new store they just put in our mall named Air Circus. The kids looooved this store, they had all kinds of neat toys on display to play with- they thought it was amazing. Next, we ventured over to the pet store to visit and play with some of the puppies and last we ended up grabbing a bite to eat in the food court. The kids had such a good time, and I’m really glad I was able to get out of the house and spend time with a fellow mom! I’m looking forward to many more playdates in the future!!


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