Giving thanks

We just finished celebrating Thanksgiving this past week in our house as I’m sure most of you have. Dinner was held at our house where We had about 20 people in all. I love the feeling of a full house, and really his family is one of the best out there! All the women spent the day in the kitchen cooking, talking, and enjoying some wine while the men and children were in the livingroom watching the Macy’s parade and football. Later in the day eventually they were so inspired they took all the kids outside to play a real game of football. Angel’s aunt brought a fun game for everyone to play called Guesstures, and we ended up having a blast with it. At about 6 o’ clock we began putting the food on the table- ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, rice, stuffing, baked ziti, corn, rolls, and sat down at our two tables (because there were so many of us)! We said Grace, and got to work haha! We finished thanksgiving dinner with 2 apple pies, and 1 pumpkin both topped with vanilla ice cream and cool whip! Even though this was my first Thanksgiving with out my Grandfather, Angel’s family was able to come along and manage to fill that deep,dark whole in my Heart with their love, humor, craziness, warmth, and guidance and for that I am forever thankful.


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