More, more more!!

So the yard sale shopping didn’t work out as well as i thought it was going to this morning, but as it does turn out my 3 year old is fascinated with them so next time i go a hunting i know who to take with me!! On the flipside I was able to take advantage of some really great sales that were going on today, again! I had coupons that were good for today and tomorrow at Oshkosh, Carters, and Kohl’s. All coupons were spend $10, save $10 – you can’t beat that! So i did, and i did it childless. Yup, you heard right folks, Daddy stayed home with Angel and Ayden while Momma was able to go shopping. Now, don’t get me wrong i love my kids with my whole heart and would do anything for them but sometimes when your trying to shop in an overcrowded, tiny, messy, child’s clothing store two children pulling at you in different directions, dropping their Bobo, and throwing their juice doesn’t exactly give you the state of mind to pick out what you want…and toy stores are even worse because they have a tendency to just RUN after whatever catches their eye! All in all I was able to pick up 2 toys each for the boys and some books as well to add to our growing christmas presents!


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