Geico car insurance can go to H-E- double hockey sticks!! Today they are my latest frustration, along with about 20 other things on my mind, ha. Anyway I have been a loyal customer of theirs for 5+ years now and at the beginning of the month our NEW car was involved in a four car accident -luckily we were the last to get hit in the rear, and was the only car to drive away, and nobody was hurt. Well the guy whose car started this big mess happens to be a Geico customer as well, so they are trying to make us pay a $500 deductible for the damages to our new car when we were not found any percentage at fault because of course they are not going to go after themselves for the $500! He was found 100% at fault, and Geico themselves are claiming 100% at fault too. GRRRR! I will now be spending the next few days getting auto quotes from different companies because I am very upset with how they are dealing with this situation, wish me luck.


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