1st day!!

Last week our 3 year old started preschool…I know, i can’t believe it’s here already! Don’t get me wrong there were definitely tears shed (and all on my part, none from him), but i know this is what he needs to begin his education, learn daily interaction with other children, and enrich his knowledge about God. We chose to send him to a preschool through our church because. . .
1. We are very comfortable with and close to the staff
2. He’s familiar with his surroundings
3. We feel that this preschool is there not just to make $$ to pay their staff, but to really teach and make an impact on their students.
I could not be happier with the decision we made to send him to this preschool-in fact today I got my first “Mommy, just go! I have to play with my friends now!” from him and it broke my heart a little bit 😦 Here are some pics of his first day!






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