David’s Bridal

My first trip to David’s was almost 2 years ago when I went shopping for my bridal gown and my BM’s dresses. Like many other opinions I’ve heard they put a very very sour taste in my mouth and I took an vow to NEVER give them any more of my money as long as i shall live. Well don’t you know I ended up at their new Mays Landing location for my flower girl’s dress because they have one that is a miniature version of my bridal gown. I took my little sister to go try it on because I thought it would be such a cute idea to have her in the same gown as myself, just a miniature version and don’t you know it DID NOT fit. GRRR! Our sales lady, Danielle, was so very sweet. She took the time with us (while helping 2 other ladies with their fittings, ringing up sales at the register, and answering just about every possible question that another sales associate had) to find a dress that would compliment my sister’s figure…

…. 2 hours later with many blood, sweat and tears shed we found the dress. She was able to suggest a color for her to compliment my wedding colors (since only FG dresses come in white and my BM’s are in celadon which DB has recently discontinued) and a matching sash to put around it. Oooooh, and in the midst of all this she was able to fit me for the crinolin I needed for the underneath of my bridal gown 🙂



One thought on “David’s Bridal

  1. Good to hear some positive comments about David's bridal. My friend got all her bm dresses there and was pretty happy. It goes to show service can be inconsistent, but there can be bright spots too.


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