Big Boy’s birthday!

Yesterday was our oldest son’s 3rd birthday! I can’t believe time has passed so quickly. We celebrated with a Spiderman themed party at our house with close friends and family. Now that I have children I actually feel as though I appreciate the celebration of birthdays so much more. When you’re a teenager you don’t understand why your parents want to take you to a special birthday dinner, or still have family over for birthday cake- even if it is your 17th birthday and you’d rather be out driving with your friends, or buying new clothes at the mall. Every year on Angel’s birthday I make sure to take a few minutes to think about the day we brought him into this world. I feel like God has really blessed us, and we are able to appreciate life’s moments so much more now that we are a growing family! Here are some pics from yesterday’s festivities to enjoy!

Party table all set up!

Enjoying his cupcake cake!!

Present time!!

Angel and his Godsister, more presentssss!

Pinata Time!


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