Since we have only had our infant with us this week we have been able to catch up on movies that have been released recently. The first movie we watched was Twilight. I could not understand what all the hype was surrounding this book/movie. When my FSIL came to our house this weekend with the Twilight book in towe I decided I had had enough and that Angel and I must watch the movie. OMG! As soon as we started watching the movie I completely understood. I am officially on the Twilight bandwagon and am looking forward to the release of the movies that follow in the 4 story series. Next on our list was Nick and Nora’s Infinite Play List. Now when Angel rented this I had absolutely no recollection of seeing preview’s for this movie or it even being in the theatre. Anyway we watched it and it turned out to be realllllly cute! I absolutely hate city life or the thought of even living in a place like NYC and it made me really want to live there. Last night we watched Marley and Me, which again is based on a book which I will also be traveling to Border’s to buy shortly. This was a really cute family movie, with a very sudden, heartbreaking, sad sad ending =( Tonight on our list is Role Models. Stay tuned to see what I think of that one!

P.s. I also bought my own copy of Sex and The City (finally!!) and can stop holding my MOH’s hostage =)


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