Going green

While sitting in the Pediatrician’s office today I was reading the latest copy of Parents Magazine and came across an article about “Going Green.” Every time I read one of those articles they seems so fresh, so sheik and so easy-to-do. I would love to be one of those mother’s pictured in the article creating her own after school snacks from 100% organic food that my kids love to it. The reality of it is though, it seems like it feels like so much work to go green. What little experience I have had with organic food it either tastes absolutely horrible or is more expensive than regular food. Don’t get me wrong I am all for feeding my family the healthiest food out there so they can be strong and live healthy lives, but sometimes I wonder what all the hype is about. I mean we grew up on fast food, red meat, slim jims, and gummi worms and we turned out okay didn’t we? I mean yes I get understand landfills, the ozone, and pollution but sometimes I think it gets out of hand! Perhaps I will take the small dive into this “greenness” that is sweeping our country and pick up reusable grocery bags during my next market trip. I’ve been meaning to pick them up anyway, I hear you can fit soooo many more groceries in there than the plastic bags!


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