Trickling in!

We have been very busy online lately ordering things for the wedding. About a week ago I ordered inserts for my bridal shower invitations from so that I wouldn’t have to put two different sized inserts in there, one from BB&B and the other from Macys. They turned out so cute, I designed them myself and am attaching a picture because I am so in love with them!


In addition, I found a website called that was having an amazing sale and it finally helped me figure out what I am going to get for my 2 MOH’s and 4 BM’s. Which I am so happy about because I have been struggling with this for a very long time because I have such a large bridal party I really can’t go crazy with expensive things. I can’t tell you what I got them because some follow my blog, and for that I love them because they’re probably the only ones that read this silly thing, so I am going to have to leave that a mystery until our rehersal dinner. I can tell you however that I did also find our table cameras for our reception at the same site for only $2.99 per camera. Is that amazing or what? Seriously, I love this site. And they even come with little folding tents to let the guests know to take pictures for us. You can check them out here! The last thing I was able to order from that site was my garter because they were selling it for $6 less than another company I found had it for. Ahh, I love getting a good deal =) It’s a set of two, so I’ll be able to have one to throw and one to keep, and it’s going to be my something BLUE!


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