One for us moms!

I found this article on one of my parenting forums that I belong to and could not believe how perfectly written it is! In the article there is the argument that us moms “embellish” how busy we are during the day and how we “claim” that we are too busy to take just 5 or 10 minutes to call or email friends to keep in touch, when friends who are “kidless” (yes i made that word up) live just as busy lives as either SAHM’s or moms who work out of the house and then come home to their children. The next time you are wondering why you haven’t heard from your friend who has one or more children think of this article. I realize you can’t view the whole thing on my page because it’s too large, but if you click it you will be directed to my photobucket where you can see it in its entirety. Please read and be enlightened.



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