BB&B Registry Day

Angel and I can’t wait to hold our first dinner party at our house because of these




We went today and registered, and could not have had a nicer consultant at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It’s still a work in progress, but here’s a little peak. It wasn’t like when we registered at Macy’s and they just threw us to the wolves to figure everything out. Our consultant, Jessica, was with us the entire time and knew information about EVERY single item we were looking at. Instead of taking 10 minutes to decided what the difference was between one set of pans and another she was able to rattle off the answer in just seconds. Also, their management team was awesome! We were given some high quality H20 to quench our thirst and were offered tea, coffee, and snacks in case we needed a little energy boost. We figured out our bathrooms, and most of the kitchen today! If I could just find an everyday china pattern to fall in love with…. Anywho Kudos to BB&B!

Here’s another favorite item of mine, a wine chiller!



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